The Knight Check- Pre Season Wrap Up with Grae Piddick

After a successful 2020 pre-season and winning the inaugural Pre Season Club Championship, we caught up with Head Coach Grae Piddick to hear his thoughts on the road so far in preparation for Round One!

Q: How has the pre-season gone for the you and the squad?

G: Overall the pre-season went really well and we are progressing along at a good pace. We have worked on getting the new players to gel with one another and bringing everyone up to speed in preparation for the new season. We had a slow start to begin the 2019 campaign and we are aware of that, so that is something we have worked on trying to change this season.

Q: What impact have the new signings made to the squad?

G: Not only are the new signings good players but they are good people which makes a massive difference. They’ve all settled really well and quickly which is pleasing. Our returning players have welcomed them all with open arms and the squad and staff are all on the same page and keen to get the season on the road.

Q: Who is someone we should look out for in 2020 to make a big change in 2020?

G: Signing Jheison Macuace was a great coup for us as he has a very good record at NPL Qld level. We are expecting him to score some goals and be heavily involved in our attacking play. He brings a lot of flare to the team so keep an eye out for him. A lesser known name around our local scene is Matt Henvey and he is someone that again can score some goals and has pedigree from overseas. Both those two will be genuine goal threats so it will be great to see what they bring to the table.

We begin our campaign this Saturday the 8th of February at Perry Park against Brisbane Strikers. Kick off is at 6:30pm!