GCK Futsal- Q&A

We have launched our Futsal program for the off-season! Here are some FAQ’s answered for the program!


Vision- To attract, retain and develop the best people holistically within a 11 month development program by affording them the opportunity to play within our Football and Futsal groups.

Mission- Play within the highest leagues and tournaments available in the state with our REP teams along with competing in all underpinning leagues for our developing players.

Desired Outcome for 2021- Have all players wanting to play for Gold Coast Knights SAP/NPL in 2022 representing our club in the top futsal leagues and tournaments in addition to building an underpinning talent pool for developing players to thrive and progress in.

Desired Outcome for 2022- Every registered Knights player in our 2022 SAP squads will represent the club for the 11 months in the FQ SAP competition, Sydney and Melbourne Diamond league, GC Premier Invitational, Gold Coast City Futsal local league, FQ State Futsal League, FQ State Titles, GC international Futsal Championship. 


Q: Where do the Knights Futsal Academy teams play?

A: Gold Coast City Futsal Local League, FQ State Titles (talented player pathway, can be chosen for the state and National set up) and the Gold Coast International Rep program.

Q: Is this Knights Futsal program open to anyone from outside of the Knights SAP/NPL football programs?

A: Yes. We will offer a chance for anyone from any other club to come in and trial to represent our Knights Futsal Academy.

Q: Is the Knights Futsal program compulsory for all current SAP/NPL players?

A: As part of our new initiative to provide a year round club program we encourage all players in our football program to play in our Futsal component. Our 2022 SAP/NPL selection will be an ongoing process during these Futsal months and therefore it will help our staff with the process.

Q: Who and what coaches are running the Futsal program?

A: The whole club program will be ran by our SAP TD Jamie Dixon and the SAP/NPL coaches. We are also on the hunt for the best individual who can help with our mission to be the best Futsal club in the State as well as a designated Futsal TD to nurture the program.

Q: Will the SAP/NPL staff be present at games and training?

A: Yes. All staff including our SAP TD will be there.

Q: How many teams can play for the Knights Futsal?

A: We are looking to build our “Talent Pool” in the U8-U13 age groups and therefore the program is open to as many players as possible. We will grade these players and make an A,B,C,D,E,F team. All Magic United Development and Knights SAP teams will be given a spot without trialing, however will then be graded accordingly.

Q: How many players per team?

A: 7 players per team

Q: How much will the program cost?

A: The program will cost $450 – this will include the $250 registration fee paid to Gold Coast City Futsal (League organizers)  to play in the competition and the 1 training session a week for 12 weeks, FQ State Titles and the Gold Coast International Tournaments will incur an extra fee.

Q: Where do we play our games and where do we train?

A: We will play our games in the Coomera League (Monday evenings) and the Carrara League  (Wednesday evenings). ALL TEAMS will ONLY play in one of the leagues/days. Our 1 training session per week will be on the Thursday or Friday evening at Gold Coast Knights.